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We are parents, too. We think traveling well and traveling with children shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. We have limited vacation time, and we’re not spending our few days of freedom in lousy hotels eating bad food. We know the world is full of wonderful resorts, cool urban escapes and far-flung lodges that can make our time with our kids count. We want it all, and we don’t think it should be so hard to find. So we’re going to share it with you.


Buy Before You Book: Museum Tickets That Sell Out

Travel Journal

Travel Journal

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Buy Before You Book: Museum Tickets That Sell Out

Henley Vazquez

In most cases, trips start with choosing hotels and flights, then restaurant and museum reservations fall into line later. But when summer rolls around and hordes of travelers head to Europe, high-profile museum tickets should take priority. Trust us—the special spots sell out, so if you’re headed to any these destinations, check ticket availability early, and buy those ideal dates the minute you know your plans.

Destination: London


Museum: Churchill War Rooms

What to Know: fast-track tickets to Churchill’s war bunker and underground museum are timed-entry, so you’ll need to know the day you’d like to visit as well as a specific time. Arrive early to be sure you don’t miss your slot.

Destination: Paris

Museum: Eiffel Tower

What to Know: even with pre-purchased tickets, expect long lines and a lot of waiting. But if going to the top of the famous tower falls on your must-do list, plan months in advance.

Destination: Florence

Museum: Galleria dell’Accademia

What to Know: A visit to see Michaelangelo’s David is a highlight of any trip to Florence, but this is one spot where a guide can really bring the sculpture, as well as the rest of the museum, to life. And yes, that also requires some ahead planning, but they’ll secure the tickets for you.

Destination: Milan

Museum: Last Supper

What to Know: Leonardo’s Last Supper allows only 30 visitors in per time slot, and the access sells out quickly. Be flexible, and if you lose your chance at buying the authorized tickets through the official website, sometimes it’s possible to join a larger group that visits as part of a multi-hour city tour.

Destination: Rome


Museum: Galeria Borghese

What to Know: Access to this museum in the Borghese gardens sells in two-hour increments, starting with 9-11 am, and ending with 5-7 pm. While ticket sales aren’t as competitive as the Last Supper, time slots do sell out, so if a visit here must be included on your itinerary, start by seeing what’s available and plan around it. Tip: fast-track Colosseum tickets and early access to the Vatican also can become scarce, so book those early as well.

Destination: Amsterdam

Museum: Anne Frank House

What to Know: Tickets go on sale three months ahead of time, and there are no short cuts. Resales are prohibited as are outside tour guides, so if you can’t secure entry through the official channels, you might be out of luck. Visit the Verzets (Resistance) Museum first for an overview of life in Holland under occupation before touring Anne Frank’s home.