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New York, NY

We are parents, too. We think traveling well and traveling with children shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. We have limited vacation time, and we’re not spending our few days of freedom in lousy hotels eating bad food. We know the world is full of wonderful resorts, cool urban escapes and far-flung lodges that can make our time with our kids count. We want it all, and we don’t think it should be so hard to find. So we’re going to share it with you.


Capturing Travels Pt. 1: The Camera

Travel Journal

Travel Journal

Dispatches from around the world

Capturing Travels Pt. 1: The Camera

Amber Hunter

In our busy, busy lives, memories can sometimes feel fleeting--which is what makes photographs of our travels even more special. Freezing a moment in time is extraordinary whether it be an overzealous giggle on a car trip, a sunset at the beach, or a hike through an ancient city. But how best to capture the photographs we cherish so dearly? We've gathered up a few camera favorites to help you pick what suits your travels and needs best, so you never miss that perfect shot. Don't forget to tag your amazing travel pictures with #getpassported for a chance to be featured

For the Serious Photographer: The DSLR

Nothing quite compares to the quality--and ease--of many DSLR's. High quality photography has never been more accessible, and there is a range of DSLR's from under $1,000 (some even around the $500 mark) to ones well over $3,000. Some favorites: Canon Rebel T3i & Nikon D7200

For the Serious Photographer with Minimal Space: The Compact System Camera

Think of compact system cameras like mini DSLR's. And, that's essentially what they are, some models even offering the option to change lenses. However, keep in mind that just because compact system cameras might be around the size of point-and-shoot models, they are way more high-tech which will be reflected in the price. Some favorites: Canon EOS M Series

For the Super Light Traveler: Your Smartphone

Smartphones are convenient in more ways than one, and chances are you'll always have yours with you. Developers know the importance of a high quality camera and so if you don't feel like lugging around another device for photo moments--don't! And photos on your phone are the easiest to share with family and friends. Some favorites: iPhone 6s & Samsung Galaxy S7

For the Kids: Disposable Cameras

If you have extra room in your luggage, bring along a few disposable cameras. Developing them is always a surprise--sure, a thumb might be covering the lens in one, or a few are out of focus but then there are those moments that only could be captured by those eager new photographers. A Favorite: Can't go wrong with a good old Kodak

Just for Fun: Polaroid

Old school instant cameras have made a comeback,  the Fujifilm Instax mini model in particular. And there's a reason why--polaroids are fun. Unpredictable, maybe. But what else will better capture a moment than a camera that delivers the photo within seconds?  Some Favorites: Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 & Instax Wide 300