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New York, NY

We are parents, too. We think traveling well and traveling with children shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. We have limited vacation time, and we’re not spending our few days of freedom in lousy hotels eating bad food. We know the world is full of wonderful resorts, cool urban escapes and far-flung lodges that can make our time with our kids count. We want it all, and we don’t think it should be so hard to find. So we’re going to share it with you.


Travel Style: Best Suitcases

Travel Journal

Travel Journal

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Travel Style: Best Suitcases

Nicole Rubin

We take the art of packing very seriously here at Passported HQ and it all starts with having the right suitcase. The key to not overpacking is a reasonably sized bag that is smartly designed to fit everything you need. Pro tip: After you're all packed, go back in your suitcase and remove two items-- trust us you won't need them and you'll give yourself a little extra room for those souvenirs. Check out the roundup below for our favorite bags that make traveling a breeze.

The Traditionalist

Rimova Classic Flight

These sturdy suitcases made of aluminum are from Rimowa founded in 1898. We love the retro sleek design, the extremely durable material and special TSA lock. These shiny suitcases are also bound to turn heads in the airport. They ain't cheap though (starting around $600) but they will last you a lifetime.

The Lightweight

Bric's X Bag

Made of nylon, these suitcases are super light and easy to deftly move around the airport. With a lower price point (around $200) these bags are fit for the whole family. We love the selection of colors and sizes, especially the matching carry-on totes. 

The Techie


Raden (starting at $295) is in class by itself when it comes to combining the top materials with the newest technology. They have two built in charges and integrated scale to avoid those pesky fees, plus location technology so you can stop guessing when your suitcase is coming around the carousel. Genius!